Established in 2011, the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT) was created to enhance student pathways and reduce barriers for students looking to transfer among Ontario’s 45 publicly assisted postsecondary institutions. As a member organization, ONCAT works with colleges and universities to develop transfer credit policies and practices to ease student mobility while also respecting institutional responsibility for academic integrity.

The provincial government of Ontario’s vision for credit transfer is as follows:

Ontario will have a comprehensive, transparent and consistently applied credit transfer system that will improve student pathways and mobility, support student success and make Ontario a postsecondary education destination of choice. The credit transfer system will assist qualified students to move between postsecondary institutions or programs without repeating prior, relevant learning.

The government believes realizing this vision will make it easier for students to navigate the postsecondary education system, reach their preferred educational destination faster, and enter or re‐enter the labour market sooner.

In the short time since ONCAT’s inception, we have achieved tangible results ― from collecting the first set of data on Ontario credit transfer students to ensuring the transparency of transfer policies. We have also vastly increased the number of student pathways through supporting almost over 150 pathway development and innovative transfer projects. We have also funded concurrent over 80 research projects that have led to a greater understanding of both the student and the institutional experiences of transfer.

Building on our success, ONCAT has issued Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for new postsecondary Innovative Transfer Projects, Pathway Development Projects, and Research Projects on credit transfer in the province of Ontario. Please select the program you would like to seek funding for below.